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Since 1959, O'Keefe Drilling has been providing services throughout the Western United States to meet the challenges of the drilling industry.

In 1965 the company began a leach dump-drilling program for the Anaconda Company in Butte, Montana. This program continued until the closure of the Anaconda Mines in 1981. In the early 1970s, O'Keefe Drilling contributed to the pioneering of reverse circulation drilling. This method of rotary drilling is widely used throughout the United States today in mining exploration. O'Keefe Drilling expanded its operations all over the Western United States with offices in Montana and Nevada. The Company presently operates over 15 rigs throughout the western states.


OKeefe Drilling

"Providing Angle Hole Drilling since 1966.
O'Keefe Drilling was a pioneer in the development of reverse circulation drilling."

With ingenuity and innovation, O'Keefe Drilling has grown to become a leader in the industry. O'Keefe Drilling not only focuses on water wells and exploration, but has also grown to accommodate today's focus on the environment. O'Keefe Drilling's growth has taken place not only in size and geographic location, but also in state of the art equipment. O'Keefe Drilling Company's fleet of 15 drill rigs includes:

• Air Rotary Rigs
• Auger Rigs
• Cable Tool Rigs
• Caisson Rigs
• Dual Air Rotary Rigs
• Necessary Support Equipment for each rig.

The rigs are capable of:

• Reverse Circulation Drilling
• Air Drilling
• Mud Drilling
• Down-the-hole-hammer
• Rotary
• Odex
• Water Wells
• Geotechnical Drilling
• Soil Sampling
• Monitor Well Drilling
• Core Drilling and Sampling.

O'Keefe Drilling operates a fully equipped machine shop to service and maintain equipment. The machine shop offers high tech advancement by utilizing computer controlled lathes.

O'Keefe Drilling has been committed to successfully delivering top quality service. Innovative procedures mirror with federal, state, and mine laws and regulations O'Keefe Drilling Company's image by offering high quality production and excellence to our clients. Increased growth allows us to meet your individual needs.


OKeefe Drilling"Built on a foundation of hard work & dedication.
Ed O'Keefe started O'Keefe Drilling in 1959 with his brother Emmett"

OKeefe Drilling

"Lue O'Keefe played a vital roll in the establishment of O'Keefe Drilling since day one."
OKeefe Drilling


We strive to provide the best service for the best value at a competitive rate. O’Keefe Drilling is eager to help you with any new challenges and obstacles you may be faced with! Proudly meeting all your drilling needs since 1959!