Environmental Drilling

With the growing of environmental studies, O'Keefe Drilling has further extended its business to include the following services for our current and future clients:

• De-watering wells
• Piezometer holes
• Water monitor wells
• Environmental Borings
• Well Abandonment
• Groundwater Sampling
• Interval Soil Sampling

O'Keefe Drilling operates three auger rigs using the latest techniques for the construction of monitoring wells. We strive to maintain leadership in drilling technology. For over three decades, O'Keefe Drilling has been committed to delivering top quality service to our clients.

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Environmental Drilling
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We strive to provide the best service for the best value at a competitive rate. O’Keefe Drilling is eager to help you with any new challenges and obstacles you may be faced with! Proudly meeting all your drilling needs since 1959!